Soundproof doors

In order to accomplish higher level of soundproofing, special inside material is used in the door panel for more efficient damping sound and noise. The door is equipped with double seals which prevent the sound transmission through frame and door panel. Locks with open and uncovered openings must not be installed on soundproof doors.

Soundproof doors are equipped with a threshold or an automatically falling door seal is used. 

Certified levels of soundproofing:

- Soundproof door Rw=32dB sheath edged door panel with a thickness of 45 mm
- Soundproof door Rw=36db straight edged door panel with a thickness 45 mm 
- Soundproof door Rw=42dB sheath edged door panel with a thickness 62mm

Door types:
- painted soundproof hollow-core door
- veneered soundproof hollow-core door
- high pressure laminated soundproof interior door for rooms with intense use

Technical specifications:
- cross-section of frame 42 x 92 mm, finger jointed glulam lamellas (various widths of frame posts based on wall thickness)
- additional equipment – an oak wood threshold with a cross-section of 27 x 92mm or a falling threshold suited to soundproof doors
- seals are located in the frame rebate and on the edge of sheathed door panel
- hinges 3 pc  NTR 110 or Abloy N3248-110
Additional equipment:
- kits for peripheral strips with suitable surface finishing
- stainless steel covers for frame and threshold, covers for door panel edges and flat surfaces
- Locking accessories are usually not included in the door kit, thus their assembly must be ordered separately.
Note ! ! !
The interior doors are intended for use indoors with the difference in temperatures on either side of the door not exceeding 5° C 

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