Special shape interior doors


Glass sauna doors can perfectly withstand moisture, water splashes and temperature shifts. Our sauna doors with bright and stained glass are inexpensive and classic. You can order the door kits with alder, aspen and pine wood frames, also heat-treated door kits with wooden elements are available. Wooden deisgn handles are also available.

A sliding door is a good opportunity to save space in your room – no extra floor area is needed for opening the door.

In addition to their practicality, the sliding doors make a good design element. In the design of sliding doors, we can offer all coating and finishing materials used in the manufacture of interior doors. A sliding door is certainly not merely a modern element, but fits well also in classic interior.

Our room-dividing sliding doors are installed on the wall or ceiling, usually the door glides along the upper sliding track and on the floor there are only door position fixing blocks. The manufacture of large-scale doors needs to be separately agreed upon.


The swing doors are interior doors hung on swing hinges, often with two sides opened in both directions. The doors are used in places where rooms need to be separated, however, there is intense movement between these rooms. For swing doors, we can offer all coating and finishing materials used in the manufacture of wood interior doors. Still, materials more resistant to intense use, such as high pressure laminates, should be preferred. In design, a glass hole with transparent glass should definitely be added in order to notice approaching persons, and also stainless protective sheets at the bottom of doors. For holes in walls wider than 1 meter, it is wise to design a two-leaf swing door as too wide door leaf (more than 950 mm) disturbs people’s movement due to its movement reach. Wood swing doors cannot be manufactured with soundproof and fireproof properties.


Our product range includes lead lined hollow core doors and interior windows with and without soundproof properties.Lead lined doors and windows are intended for use in interior walls of a building which separate the rooms with X-ray producing devices from other parts of the building.

The doors are designed as shielded doors. 2 tin sheets are integrated in the door leaf and 1 tin sheet is integrated in wood lead lined interior door and one tin sheet also inside window frame. If wood threshold is not suitable, we can offer lead lined falling threshold mechanisms at the bottom edge of the door.

Tin sheet thicknesses are defined based on the tin equivalent of X-ray devices. Based on the tin equivalent, also the interior windows for rooms with X-ray devices are completed. The customer must inform the manufacturer about the right tin equivalent prior to planning production. 

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